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Jonny Bee

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Since I was very young, I have been a “lover” of the music: was very amazing and funny toplay my compositions on the old keyboard “BONTEMPI”. With my “powerful” trumpet Ilearned all I needed to know about classical music.In the 90’s the electronic music hit the ceiling so I dipped myself into this kind of sounds.My name’s Giovanni Bruno but now I am Jonny Bee in “London” style and more fresh.House music makes me feel good.Mr Joe T.Vannelli with his Exogroove woke me up and now I feel better!With some friends of mine I share my music and I try to produce for the first time with nobudget (or very low budget !): Yamaha synthesizer, Personal Computer, eletronic drummachine... It’s all very exciting but I have not yet the power of the PRODUCER.My path goes on in a hard way.Trance and Progressive music become for me like anobs es s ion.Horbostel drives me through nord-europe sounds but only by listening radio.What a pity !Now I am not yet a simple listener but I want to create and produce my sensations, shareemotions and the power of the dance with other persons. Now I like also funky groove and soul.All my friends that wrote to me from all parts of world, taught me to call what I am writingwith a better name: Deep House. This is my music.Now it’s the time to show to all world and to all people my talent...

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