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Michael Christian

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Michael Christian has been into the electronic dance music scene since 2009. Born in Los Angeles, he is the youngest of four brothers. He started at 7 years old when his parents gave him a keyboard for Christmas. His love for the piano was transformed at high school when he started experimenting with making music. A few years later it was when Michael heard "In And Out Of Love" by Armin Van Buuren which accelerated his love and passion for not just music, but for electronic dance music. He knew then and there that he wanted to be the next big thing in not only the EDM scene but bringing the melodies from it into a world of inspiration. "I knew from that moment when I heard his song, that this is what I wanted to do, this is where my creativity and imagination could take me to my dreams". Michael Christian is ready to bring an emotional roller coaster of melodic music into the ears of millions. "This is me, this is my imagination. Dive into my dimension of music and see for yourself what the world is missing".

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